Safety Policy


The safety of employees at Roofline Builders Inc. is an important objective of our company.  We consider injury and illness prevention just as important as quality production, cost controls and superior customer service.  Therefore, it is our goal to provide and maintain safe and healthy work conditions and to follow operating practices that safeguard all employees.  Maintaining a safe and healthful workplace has both human and monetary value to the management at Roofline Builders Inc.  We place our highest values on the safety and health of our employees and will not compromise our safety and health responsibilities.  Fundamental to our injury prevention effort are the following beliefs:

1.   All injuries and accidents are preventable through establishment and compliance with safe work practices.

2.   Preventing employee injury and human suffering are the first considerations in all workplace actions and are the responsibility of every employee at every level.

3.   All employees are responsible for knowing and following the safety practices that are documented in our written safety plan and as taught on the job by Foremen, Superintendents and other management representatives.

4.   Employees are expected to develop knowledge of potential hazards associated with procedures, equipment, materials and substances used in during routine job duties.  This knowledge is to be developed during training programs and by each employee taking the initiative to ask questions that clarify procedures, potential exposures and controls.

5.   All RoofLine Builders employees have documented Fall Protection and Heat Illness Prevention Training

6.   RoofLine Builders employees are certified in Certa Torch training

Job site Superintendents, Foremen, and Department Safety Coordinators are directly responsible for the enforcement of all company safety policies and work practices.  These individuals are challenged to ensure that employees under their direct supervision are trained in appropriate safety practices and procedures, and that they follow safe work practices at all times in their daily work.  Employees through disciplinary actions will be held accountable for infractions of safety rules and work practices.  In this way human suffering due to workplace injuries will be prevented and we will achieve safe working conditions and efficient operations.